Maxpro Pest Control Services

Our Entomologist at Maxpro Pest Control Services would be able to provide all clients to meet the pest management standards required for the FOOD INDUSTRY:

  • Carry out Food Safety Audits
  • Require zero infestation & conformity with criteria covering type of pest mgt. program, materials &
    techniques & record keeping
  • Risk Based Standards
  • Food Safety
  • Environmental Management & Pesticide Reduction
  • Pest Awareness & Staff Training
  • Reporting & Record Keeping
  • Towards an Aesthethic, Pest Free & Hygienic Environment
Our Commitment

We will safeguard your facilities with a new level of protection for your properties with solutions for :

  • Rodents
  • Flies
  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Storage Pests
  • Birds
  • Other key pests

Towards An Aesthethic, Pest Free & Hygienic Environment


We, at MAXPRO, make reference to the following and apply the relevant standard to pest Management when inspecting your food premises:

  • Are rodents active on site at the time of the inspection?
  • Past history of site. Is there documented evidence that rodents have been active in the last two years?
  • Site potential for infestation. Does the layout, construction, manufacturing process, hygiene practices or product lend the site liable to infestation? Are there water courses, railways, amenity sites nearby. Is the site situated within or adjacent to a high risk area?
  • Status of neighbouring properties. Are the activities of adjacent properties or businesses liable to attract pests into the vicinity?
    • Presence of non-target species. Are there records or reported sightings of protected species of birds or mammals? Are there areas away from the buildings where the presence of toxic rodenticide baits may present a risk of secondary poisoning?

Other important inspections includes :

  • Warehouse site
  • Warehouse Structure – Internal & External
  • Standards of Warehouse keeping & Hygiene handling
  • Stock stacking, Storage system & Rotation methods
  • Type of Commodities
  • Current Pest Control efforts Safety
  • Hygiene & Housekeeping
  • Detailed inspection of food processing facilities

Pest Awareness & Training

Entomologist & Other Specialists (with PAL License) at MAXPRO Pest Control Services would be able to provide the necessary training and awareness on the pests that you are likely to encounter in your respective part of the process and the importance of pest prevention. Particular attention will be given to incoming goods such as raw materials or packaging and warehousing techniques.


Reporting & Record Keeping :

The organization of a reporting system and maintenance of records is essential if Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) status is to be achieved. We, at MAXPRO, will help you to keep records for the following reasons:

  • To highlight any recommendations
  • To demonstrate compliance with legislation
  • To monitor pest management processes as evidence of compliance to third party auditors
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